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Commercial Movers

Those who have a deal with commercial relocation know what a time-consuming amount of work it is. The heads of the company, whose office is moving to a new workplace, are interested in high-quality, reliable and urgent transportation of equipment and other things.

Fly Movers often deals with such kinds of relocations, and for six years of experience, learned to promptly and accurately implement this moving. To do this, we have enough of the necessary equipment, trucks, and expert movers.

Our movers perform loading and unloading and, if necessary, dismantle transported furniture and reassemble it qualitatively, as they perform packaging of equipment, furniture, and personal belongings of employees.

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Our Reviews
Our Commercial Moving Service Offers

The Fly Movers team consists of professional drivers, movers, and packers, and our logistics manager will be in touch with you throughout the move to ensure you have a successful and stress-free move.

We tailor our services to your move and offer customized solutions to cover your needs.

Our services are ideal for any offices, businesses, and we also do industrial equipment moving.

We offer our clients:

  • Durable packing materials.
  • Easy and straightforward quotes.
  • 100% satisfaction.
  • On-time pickup and delivery.
  • Swift and efficient process that minimizes office downtime.
  • Licensed & insured commercial movers.

Our Clients

As the best moving company, no job is too small and insignificant or too hard for Fly Movers & Storage.

Office or home moves, full moving or packing services, storing and assembling furniture, moving to the next street or another state – our moving company offers competitive rates for any of your moves.

We treat each client with the same professionalism and respect, as evidenced by our customers’ reviews.

Just sit back, relax, and trust us with your move.

Types of Moving and Packing Materials

The safety and security of property in a commercial relocation should be a priority. The Fly Movers team treats the client’s belongings as their own and deals with them with care.
To keep your property safe on the go, here are some of the materials we use:

  • White cuter mailers.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Electronic boxes.
  • Wardrobe boxes.
  • Blankets.
  • Reliable straps.
  • Wraps.
  • Tape.
  • And more!
Commercial Moving Tips

Want to make your commercial move less painful?
Having made hundreds of activities in six years, the Fly Movers team is happy to offer tips on how to survive your commercial move:

  • Start preparing as early as possible.
  • Donate old phones, office furniture, printers, computers, etc., to charity. This will save you from having to pack and ship them, but it will also give you extra money through tax write-offs.
  • Appoint moving bosses from among your employees.
  • Put together a "moving package" for each employee, including his or her workplace number, color code, and information about the new location.
  • Don't neglect to label and sign the boxes with the destination and employee's name.
  • Always wrap your monitors carefully and one at a time; carefully roll up all cables, tie and sign.
  • Shred old or unused files.
Commercial Moving Checklist

In the hustle and bustle of trying not to forget important things and documents, something is bound to slip your mind. Especially when it comes to a commercial move because you have to coordinate the work of your subordinates.
A moving checklist by Fly Movers is what can ensure a thoughtful and stress-free move. Of course, it will vary from company to company, but there are some essential common points:

  • Take inventory before you move.
  • Visit your new space: make the last seating and equipment arrangements.
  • Contact your vendors, utilities, internet service provider, and customers to let them know about the move.
  • Back up all critical files and data.
  • Create a protocol for moving sensitive and important data, equipment, etc.
  • Update company information on websites and wherever it is listed with new information.
  • Schedule cleaning services.
  • Make a detailed moving day plan for employees.
  • Issue new badges, key cards, and keys for the new office.

Why us

Fly Movers & Storage provides top-notch moving services and guarantees your complete satisfaction with your move.


We perform even the most delicate and logistically impossible jobs: piano moving, fish tank moving, IT and office moving, and custom moving services.


But more than ourselves, the feedback of our satisfied customers speaks for us.

Marina Korchmar

The team that came for packing belongings was courteous & disciplined and all was loaded with utmost care. Our belongings arrived a couple of days earlier than the commited time which was good for us.

Disassembling furniture, packing it for complete safety, transporting it carefully using securing ropes, and quickly reassembling it on the spot is an integral part of a safe move with Fly Movers & Storage.


We provide both your complete move to a new location and the delivery of individual items and furniture of all types and sizes.


We have the necessary equipment in our arsenal to move any piece of furniture, no matter how bulky or awkward, to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to your personal belongings, you need to be sure that your possessions are fully and reliably protected in case of any damage. That’s why all of our moving services come with full insurance coverage.

If you’re planning a weekend or holiday move, we’re happy to help you. The Fly Movers & Storage team is punctual and fast packing and moving services; you won’t have to worry about delays.


We also work with emergency teams and can send movers with a van for same-day service.

Our state-of-the-art fleet has trucks of all sizes for your fast and comfortable move. To be ideally prepared for your move, you can also customize the service by choosing the size of the van and the number of movers needed.


Also, all of our vans are equipped with GPS tracking devices to ensure a smooth, stress-free move.

Hard work, teamwork, personal discipline, respect, and constant self-improvement are all part of the Fly Movers & Storage team.


We only hire proven and experienced professionals who have proven themselves to be honest, courteous, and hardworking movers.


This is reflected in work: the team is fully briefed on the job and acts according to the agreed strategy and plan.

We don’t seek to make money off our customers, so we offer great discounts and have no hidden fees, which our competitors so often sin with.


The set initial price is the final price, with no additional fees for the number of things moved or the distance of the move.

Moving Cases
Approx. distance
Approx. cost
Intrastate move of studio apartment, 2 movers, 1 truck
1250 mi.
Intrastate move of 3-bedroom house, 4 movers, 26-ft. truck
800 mi.
Intrastate move of 2-bedroom house, all furniture, 20-ft. truck, 3 movers
530 mi.
Intrastate move of 5-bedroom house, 5 movers
2200 mi.
Moving local is much more affordable than paying for services of long distance. *

Moving FAQ
What do my employees need to do before the move?

Every move has a Fly Movers coordinator. Before the move, he or she will meet with you and those employees responsible for the move to go over all the details, make a plan, and be in touch with you during the move.

The purpose of such a meeting is to help you understand how to behave during the move and what you need to do to prepare for it.

Can you move our server room?

Yes, the Fly Movers team is experienced in moving servers. We provide a dedicated team that gently loads servers among the first to arrive on-site in a gentle, fast, and safe manner to minimize your downtime.

Is Fly Movers licensed?

Yes, of course. Fly Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company, and the background and track record of our entire team is verified and qualified.

Do you offer insurance coverage for my items?

Certainly, this is one of our fundamental principles of work. Fly Movers offers several options to cover the loss and damage of your cargo. Contact our relocation manager before your relocation date for all the details.

Do you disconnect, move and reconnect computers?

Yes, Fly Movers provides this service. To put it in the estimate, contact your moving coordinators. They will send an additional team to disconnect computers and other electronics, label and properly wrap the wires, and connect them at the end of the move.

Do you move modular furniture?

Yes, absolutely. The Fly Movers team consists of experienced installers highly qualified in the assembly and disassembly of all office furniture.

With all the tools you need to disassemble, label, and reassemble modular office furniture safely, the team can reconfigure it to fit your needs in your new office.

What is Fly Mover's pricing?

Fly Movers is adherents of an individual approach to each client, which is why, instead of charging an indefinite hourly rate, we individually provide a real price in advance for your move. This avoids additional fees and unexpected costs incurred by our competitors.

Are there any items that cannot be transported?

Yes. Fly Movers does not carry firearms, ammunition, drugs, chemicals, plants, or pets.


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*Your information will not be shared with third parties. We guarantee confidentiality.