As with any industry, disputes can arise between a customer and a company. The moving industry is no different. Disputes between a moving company and a consumer shipper can arise for many reasons. The most common disputes a consumer shipper can have with a moving company will involve issues of overcharges for services, failure to deliver on time, or damages and missing items.

Consumer / shippers have several options in trying to resolve the disputes with a moving company. The best method for resolving the dispute is direct discussion with moving company customer service department. A legitimate moving company will have a customer service department which can address and help resolve disputes. In most cases, any issues or disputes can be resolved as a matter of customer service. However, when an issue cannot be resolved through the normal customer service methods, a consumer may wish to look to other means to address the issues.

When considering alternative approaches to address and resolve a dispute, a consumer shipper may consider filing a lawsuit, complaining to a consumer watch organization or to a government regulatory agency. Although potentially effective in the long run, those methods may take a great deal of time and could potentially be expensive.

In the interstate moving industry, the FMCSA requires that each moving company have in place a neutral arbitration program to help resolve disputes. Neutral arbitration can serve as a cost effective and quick alternative to traditional litigation. Additionally, neutral arbitration is more informal than court litigation and a consumer shipper may be able to navigate the arbitration process without hiring an attorney.

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